Friday, March 14, 2014

I Am Covered in Paint, Stain and Varnish....

...but like a pig in a mud puddle, I couldn't be happier than when I have worked hard and made a mess. ;)
Do you like the new look for the blog? Let me know your thoughts, I don't want to make anything hard to read or hard to find, etc.

Here are some things I have been working on this week, some are up in my etsy shop.
I couldn't really capture the grandiosity of this armoire. It is really striking in person.

I'm not entirely sure of the official name of this dresser? Anyone know?
**EDIT** It is called an 'Empire Chest'. I Googled "dresser with columns" ;)

I've been making corsets and stockings. Fun!

I am still working on the tutorials for you! Would you like a tutorial for the stockings?  I've seen lots of tutorials for the corsets but never for the stockings (not saying there aren't any but I couldn't find any).  Hope you've all had a wonderful week and here is to hoping you have an even better weekend!



  1. You are so clever with paint finishes, I admire your skill with ageing and decorating! Love the corsets and specially love the dress form.

  2. Beautiful work! Very rich! Yes, tutorial for the stockings, please! xo Jennifer

  3. Thank you Friends! You are too kind :)
    I love playing with paint and finishes. I will show you a fun trick with paint and a hair dryer or heat gun sometime soon ;)

  4. I like the firniture. The corsets are wonderful.

  5. I LOVE the darker pieces! Where do you get the basic pieces of furniture? Do you build them? They are so beautifully worn... and have that old feel... the Victorians liked dark wood!

  6. Thank you Fabiola :)

    Daydreamer, thank you. You can purchase the basic pieces in my shop (haha, sorry, shameless plug) they are not listed there but if you are interested in something, please let me know as I can order it.
    I buy from various distributors. It's always a thrill to get those little ugly pieces and transform them. They have nice lines and are well made just have really ugly, shiny finishes!

  7. I'd like a corset tutorial please! I've never seen one, maybe you could tell me where to look for one, thanks xxx

  8. Hi Daphne! Each piece of furniture has so much Personality and such a wonderful Patina! Your skills in transforming those Plain Jane furniture pieces into Cinderellas, is Fabulous! Looking at them stirs up the desire to do a Mini Shabby Project Right Now!..... NOT FAIR! :D

    p.s. I would Love to see a tutorial on both the corset and the stockings; What Fun! :))


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