Friday, February 7, 2014

Shabby Morning Light

The latest room box.
A customer of mine requested a room box similar to the little room box used in the header image of this blog. I was surprised that she wanted something as 'dirty' and distressed as the original little box but she said, "Yes, please make it as close to the original as possible".  It's funny but I really struggle to make the same thing twice, things always turn out differently. In the end, she was quite pleased with the images, just waiting for the package to arrive. Makes me nervous, hope she loves it as much in person as she liked the photos.

This little box can be completely disassembled for storage and the walls are reversible. Many possibilities there :).  The room box is in 1:12 scale.
The little day bed is from a vintage kit - the table I really couldn't tell you, I think it came in a lot of furniture I found in a thrift store. The chair came from the same vintage lot. The little hutch is a Michaels craft hutch. I printed the wallpaper on my home printer and distressed it with chalk pastels and inks. Basket and teapot and linens by me.

I have another, larger scale roombox in the works and I do have a chalk painted bombe chest to share with you in my next post. The chalk paint worked beautifully.

On a non-mini, side note; is anyone else having trouble with their blogger dashboard reader?  I was using it last night with no problems but when I logged in this morning - poof - it says I'm not subscribed to any blogs??!?!? wha?? *cry*...Hope it's just a glitch as I had the max of 300 or 350 (whichever it is) favorite blogs in there!


  1. This roombox is very beautiful!
    It's a great idea it can be disassembled!

  2. Te ha quedado preciosa, muy acogedora, feliz fin de semana:-)

  3. Blogger does that every so often. Sometimes the list comes back if you refresh the page. It has happened to me several times recently. The first time scared me, too. I did not want to go searching for all of my blog friends again! :-)

  4. This is so the light coming in like that. I agree that it isn't easy reproducing's always way more fun creating rather than reproducing!

  5. This roombox is really beautiful!
    Great job.


  6. Esa escena tiene una belleza especial con esa luz de la mañana,preciosa!!!!!

  7. Very nice and delicate.
    Bye, Faby

  8. LOVE IT :-)
    Your work is fabulous in every detail :-)
    Blessed your customer :-)
    Lovely hugs,


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