Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shabby French Rococo Lady's Work Table and Chair Finished

Hello friends,
Finally found time to finish up these two Bespaq pieces. Please excuse the silly little room box scene in the is in pretty poor shape but I liked the light play through the window. It's one of those DIY box kits from China. ;)

I had purchased some smaller artist brushes for the paintings on the furniture but I still think I need even smaller ones. :/ I'd like the little roses to be a bit more delicate and petite.

Kris, suggested I should try painting on fabric for the upholstery. Thank you so much , Kris! I was hesitant but it worked out well, I used textile medium mixed with acrylics for the muslin on the chair back.

This set is available; if anyone is interested, please drop me an email at daphne at courtofgypsies dot com.  I am planning on listing this in my Etsy shop but wanted to offer it here first.

I am thoroughly enjoying painting these little pieces and just got a huge shipment of miniatures to put in my shop. Just have to get the technical things worked out...bleh.

I hope I don't sound like a big advertisement here, that is not my intention but I had some questions and would really appreciate your input if you have the time.
I want to stock my web shop (not Etsy) with miniatures that are things you have been looking for or that are hard to find. Please let me know if there is something you would like to see in the shop.  My suppliers have thousands of items and I realized that there is no way I can stock or even have the time to list all of the available items - so, I was hoping you all could give me some feedback on your most desired items?  I want to be able to offer them at reasonable prices as well as offer specials and discount sales etc.
 My suppliers offer furnishings, glassware, dollhouse figures...everything, just about anything you can imagine as well as supplies for building and making minis.



  1. These pieces are very very pretty and I love the way that you have painted the roses! The photo of the sunlight streaming through the window, is a beauty!
    Beautiful furniture and a lovely romantic scene too!


  2. I just love the painted chair. It has turned out so well. I think you should choose things you would like in your dolls houses, especially beautiful little items like glassware and vases that will complement the beautiful furniture you create.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth, 12Create and Eliana. :) I hadn't thought of it that way.


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