Saturday, February 8, 2014

Chalk Painted Rococo Bombe Chest in 1:12 scale

Hello Friends,

It's been one of those weeks..really, I should say, one of those months or years, as it's just been one thing after another around here. Trying to keep my chin up.  I try not to post personal junk but life is getting in the way a bit here and I am a bit down. It will all work out. :) I apologize, not trying to dump on you, just had to get it out.

On to the fun stuff, I promised to post about chalk paint. I should have taken pics of how I mixed up the paint but I didn', I will just explain. It is very simple, anyway.  I also wanted to give credit where due. I first saw the chalk paint mentioned at in an article from Lesley Sheperd.

You need:
Acrylic or Latex Paint
Plaster of Paris

I used regular old acrylic craft paint, folk art brand that comes in the small bottles. The kind used for decorative and tole painting.  I had some small jars here to mix the paints in.  I poured some bottled water into the little jar - about half full - and then put in small amounts of plaster of Paris till it was the consistency of a little bit thicker than liquid hand soap. Don't make it super thick and not super runny either.

Next, add your paint. I used about equal parts paint and plaster of Paris/water mixture.

My little jars have tight fitting lids and so far, only one has set up a tiny bit in the bottom and by chance that was the one that had a little bit less acrylic paint in it.

I made this paint in small batches, about two oz. or so.

So, here is the result. I only used the chalk paint as the off white base coat for this piece. It covered really well, I used two coats. This little bombe chest had a shiny red varnish on it to start. I did run some fine sandpaper over it just to give it some tooth but honestly, I probably wouldn't have had to. I distressed this piece a little more than I meant to but I kind of like the result. :)  I'm a bit out of practice with my decorative painting, I want to do some of these little chests with some pastoral scenes.  I also learned that my gold leaf paint needs to be sealed before you put antiquing gel on top...

All in all, really really like the soft, flat look of the chalk paint for base coating and the nice coverage it gives.

Hugs and kisses for now,  I hope you will try this and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am so sorry life is not treating you right!!! I hope things get better.

  2. Wow! You're good! It's an absolute beauty! The kind of pieces we see in decorating magazines which make such a huge statement in a room! Congratulations and thanks for the tips!

  3. Daphine I really like your bombe project and thank you so much for sharing. I am going to try to use this technique on a fireplace. I know the results will be great. Keep your chin up and personal junk will go away eventually, but miniatures are with us forever.

  4. Sorry to hear you are feeling low I hope things improve for you soon. Your chest is gorgeous I love it. Fantastic job.
    Hugs Maria

  5. This is a beautiful project, maybe you'll make them for your shop in the future for those of us who aren't quite so handy with a paintbrush?
    Hopefully the life things that have you down will soon lift.


  6. C'est ravissant,belle réussite!!

  7. I adore the result, although I do not think it's all about the chalk paint, but rather of your incredible ability to turn anything into a masterpiece :-)
    In any case, thanks for sharing your technique, I will treasure it :-)
    Lovely hugs,

  8. Oh my goodness, you wonderful, wonderful friends. Thank you, from my heart. You are uplifting. <3

  9. This little chest is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! The finish on it is Perfect and the painted panels are sooo pretty!
    It is LOVE at First Sight! :D

    Thank You for sharing this Daphne!


  10. Thanks for the recipe - I've been wondering about chalk paint for a long time and can now try it.

    I hope things get better for you soon. Things do seem to happen all at once, don't they?


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