Friday, June 8, 2012

Yet Another Cross Post....

Sorry if my cross posting from MidModMini is becoming irritating. I can't pull myself away from the modern stuff :) I promise, more shabby/country stuff soon but don't be surprised if I find a way to mesh the two styles. It's what I've always dreamed of  for my own home (hey, what happened to the word 'dreamt'? was that ever a word?) Anywhoo, more here and here.


  1. No complaints from me! This room is lovely.

    I'm caught in the same dilema as you, trying to work out a way to get some vintage mix into a big modern house that's calling me to actually do some work on it. It's starting to form in my mind but I'm on a roll with the French apartment at the moment, need to get poor Emily housed so she can get out of the box she's been living in for months!

  2. It is not necessary to justify. Your work is beautiful, no matter how shabby style / country or modern. I'm a fan of both. ;) Roombox The modern style is amazing.

  3. Beautiful setting. Lol you are turning me into a fan of modern stuff.
    Hugs Maria

  4. I love both your shabby and modern miniatures,keep posting them all!;)

  5. Your work is very beautiful and I think you are on the good way
    Me encanta tu trabajo es fresco y se aparta de lo que puede aportar poco ya .
    Innovar es crear

  6. Your room could be full sized and yet it is miniature and boy oh boy do I love it! It is a warm looking room Annie, and you have found a way to bring it life! Often modern rooms can take on a very uninhabited look because so much focus is on the contents only and not the people who use them! This room looks comfortable and like someone has just stepped out momentarily but will be back to sit once again in this very inviting space!
    Well done!



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