Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ooops...Did it Again

I couldn't help myself. I really want to finish the farmhouse and it was just not doing it for me. The cottage chic look was cute but just not right. Sooooo....
Need to brush some aluminum paint on that faucet...way too shiny...
 I ripped everything out, including the dividing wall on the ground floor and started from scratch. Still working on the other half of the open floor plan.

 I still have quite a bit of trim to do and am thinking of washing the yellow to tone it down a bit. What do you think? Is it too bright? Nothing is glued or fixed permanently...thank goodness for museum wax! But, I learned NOT to leave the house sitting in the sun too long..*snicker and a few choice words*
 Much better...wish this was my kitchen!
 Ahhh, yes, and I made some canned goods! Oh my, am I ever hooked on that. :) So much fun. I tried a couple of different methods and really like the glass jars the best...wish I could find some a little bit smaller.
The tiny jars are clear resin poured in molds or pencil erasers...thanks to a tutorial found here...brilliant!
*TIP - I cut up the stems from tiny plastic plants found at the craft store (never, ever throw anything away!) for some of the green beans...they look amazingly like the real thing. Will take some better close up shots of the jars later.
 Not sure about the white shelf above the window...does it look wonky? Should I custom make one to go straight across at the same level as the top of the cabinet and window?
 The corner cabinet is scratch built, not sure if I like it here either...oh, no...there I go again....
 I made the sink...err...well part of the sink. I had the little cabinet but needed a sink!
Here are the pieces, but if you notice, I decided to extend the counter top and put the little curtain beneath it so I had to cut another top and make a 'leg' for it. The top is balsa wood and the sink is made from plastic packaging (from who knows what?  I have no idea but again, don't throw that away!!) ;) I've found that Apple Barrel brand GLOSS paint will stick to plastic really well and is perfect for faux porcelain and enamel. Dries really fast too. I haven't tried to sand it though. I do light coats so as to minimize brush marks.
Hmmmm...now to clean up the messes I've made....

Happy Day!


  1. me encantan esos flashes de la cocina

  2. Your kitchen looks wonderful! Thanks for the link to the canning jar tutorial, I'm going to try that.

  3. oh! Daphne, your kitchen is wonderful now! it is also my ideal kitchen, beautiful bright colors, I like the yellow! I love the furniture, and your picture so clear, bring out all the elements.
    where you put the beans? I can not see ..
    everything is beautiful! the only drawback is the bottle of dishwashing liquid ... Japanese! maybe you could change the label? :))
    a kiss!

  4. @cockerina :)
    Thank you! Yes, I know, the japanese dish bottle is silly! haha
    Thank you Carmen and iseecerulean.

  5. It looks wonderful, and good job on the beans in your next post!

    I'd be tempted to tone down the yellow myself with a very watery wash of grey, but heck it could very well stay as it is - even mini people are allowed to have freshly painted bright yellow kitchen walls.

  6. a wonderful kitchen! Very sunny and cosy.

  7. Jaaaa...it was worth waiting so long for your next posts :-))
    The kitchen looks so warm and cozy, I´d love to go in there and have a cup of coffee there. I also think that the shelf over the window could be changed but that´s something I only realized after you mentioned it..:-)
    Hugs, Sandra

  8. Your kitchen looks great Daphne! Isn't it a great thing about mini rooms. You can just rip it out and start again in a day.

  9. Your kitchen is fantastic. I like the colors and the details.
    Bye Faby

  10. Your kitchen is wonderful, Daphne! Congrats for the great work!

  11. Very inspirational. It gives me a lot of ideas of things I need to do in the kitchen in my log cabin. I love your attention to detail - everything from the home canned bottles of veggies to the bulletin board. Great Post.

  12. A lovely country kitchen, bright and colorful. I love it.

  13. I believe the plastic containers that you used for the sink are the peanut butter or jelly single portions that restaurants serve.

    Nice work!

    From Tyla @ http://obscurecreationsbytyla.blogspot.ca


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