Saturday, March 17, 2012

Farmhouse Living and a Poll for a Tutorial

Happy St. Patrick's Day Friends!
I'm still plugging away in the Farmhouse.
Built some furnishings from a wonderful, vintage kit. This is the first time I've built anything from one of these kits and I can say that the quality is really good and they are fairly easy to put together. This particular kit was the Realife series American Country Collection. I would love to find the bedroom from this collection, if there is one?
Need to sand the top again on this table...
I see some rough specks in the photo.
I think the sea chest and the side table are my favorite pieces.

 The side table was a bit fiddly, with the little strips that go between the four legs...those were a bit of a pain.
I definitely feel more confident about building things from scratch now, as I've learned from this kit that the pieces are simple shape put together in clever ways.

Love this chest and sofa.

There are also a Settle Bench and Candlestick table included.

Again, the candlestick table was fiddly as all get out :) I wound up carving little grooves in the spindle for the legs...there just wasn't enough surface area for the glue to adhere.

The Living Room
I really didn't like the staircase, it just sort of 'hung' there....I added the wall with built in shelving and really like it now. Still needs railings (ahem, yes, I know, should have done all that before putting together but I'm still's a process :D

Still quite a bit of work to do, touch ups on the walls and trim and need to paint the dividing wall (yes, I decided to put it back in). Window treatment, and stair rail among other things. I'm very happy with the way this is turning out. My dream home, or one of them, anyway ;)

Some mini accessories I made this week:
  1. Apothecary, Spice Drawers
  2. Antique Sifter (my fav)
  3. Coffee Grinder
  4. Enamel Can with Lid
  5. Wall Box with Utensils
  6. Kitchen Scale
  7. Little Wooden Canister Box (top)

All made from scratch except the wire whisk.
I would like to do a tutorial for one of these pieces for you!  Please enter your vote in the poll in the sidebar.



  1. Un trabajo fantastico y con mucho realismo.
    Seria genial un tutorial, a mi me gustaria el de el mueble de las especias, es precioso.
    besito sascension

  2. Que bonita estancia!
    Yo ya voté
    Un abrazo

  3. I love the look of this room. I hope to make my farmhouse dollhouse in this style. I absolutely love the settle back bench. You did an awesome job on the finish.

  4. Your room is beautiful. I love all the things you made. The Settle is wonderful.
    Hugs Maria

  5. I loved seeing your new furniture and your living room.
    I'd like to see the tutorial kitchen scale. ;0

  6. The mini accessories are very nice.
    Bye Faby

  7. Super impressed with the accessories. They look great.

  8. All your little accessories are so cute!! Obviously I've been missing out on the action here recently.

  9. ohh! I think I'd like to take this little farmhouse for myself, man...keep an eye on it!


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