Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Away Too Long!

Well....Hello! I have missed you and missed blogging! I am so sorry, I didn't mean to stay away so long. It's been an icky winter. There won't be a long list of excuses, just life in general, getting in the way of hobbies. I hope to try and catch up on all my favorite blogs.  And, I come back to find that Blogger is yet again doing something crazy to layouts and my beautiful fairy background is gone all wonky and I couldn't figure out how to fix it..ugh...sorry for the ugly, plain blog. Will try to find time to work on it.
I have 'unburied' my ministuff and dusted off the farmhouse (as well as acquiring two Coventry Cottage kits) and am eager to work on some new ideas.
For now, I've redone the kitchen in the Vermont Farmhouse..ahem, but I'm really thinking I might start all over on that house and make it a country primitive style, which I love very much..almost as much as shabby.
I kept looking at the house and just knowing that the French/shabby/elegant theme was all wrong for that style of house. I knew it when I bought it.
Still can't make up my mind, maybe that means I need another kit for the country/primitive house, a saltbox and yet another for the Shabby French? HAHA, any excuse to build another house?  I do love this front opening house for the French house:
or this one (I saw one at a show and it was much cuter than this pic and I would add another floor to the bottom:

Still looking for a true New England style saltbox kit. I may have to coerce hubby into helping me build one from scratch. I would also like to tackle some room-boxes, my father cut some for me in 1/6th scale but I asked him not to cut the windows as I hadn't decided what size or where to put them...duh, now I have to try and do it myself.
I've been painting little hutches and cabinets and decorating the farmhouse kitchen.

Sorry for the above, horrible photos...hubs has misplaced the camera battery charger - had to resort to my phone camera.

 I love making kitchens ;)

I found the little stove in a local antiques mall. It is metal and sooo cute!
I think it might be 3/4 scale though? I purchased a new/old fashioned stove and it dwarfs this one.

Some ReMent that is really too large for this scene but I love the Pyrex colors :)

I hope you are all well, and happy.


  1. bienvenida de nuevo....en esta entrada de mi blog te concedí un premio :, por si quieres recogerlo....

  2. The kitchen is wonderful.
    I like both house, but the first is my favorite.
    Bye Faby

  3. Welcome to the blogsphere!! I love your kitchen...
    A big hug

  4. So glad you are posting again. I've followed your blog for a while and loved it. Hope to see more wonderful minis.

  5. Welcome back!!! Difficult to decide about both of the house... really nice kitchen, see you soon on blogland! doei, claude

  6. Nice to see You are Back!
    Beautiful kitchen!

  7. Has vuelto con unos trabajos muy bonitos, la cocina es preciosa. Un saludo, Eva

  8. I loved your blog, and I´m very glad you are back! Wonderful jobs, as always!

  9. Qué bueno que ya estás de regreso, bienvenida!! Tu cocina esta preciosa, besos Ana (mucuy)

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful. Congratulations and a kiss on your heart

  11. Hi Daphne! I missed you and am so glad you're back! I've got two new projects since you last blogged: a 1920s Lovers Cottage and a shabby chic Cupcake Cottage. I'll be looking here for inspiration! ;-) Jennifer

  12. Welcome, your kitchen is perfect. A kiss on your heart

  13. Bentornata!!! E lo hai fatto in modo straordinario, la tua cucina è stupenda!
    Un bacio

  14. Your kitchen is perfect. I love it.


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