Monday, August 8, 2011

Miniature Show and Some Gratuitous Kitty Shots

...and other news and stuff - in fact, a whole week's worth!
Hello Dear Friends,

Last week was a busy busy week and this one promises to be just as busy with school starting. Hopefully, once we accomplish that feat, life will slow down to it's usual pace.

First, I want to tell you about my first visit to a miniatures show. I had never been to one and albeit small, it was great fun.
I met the wonderful, adorable, fabulous, sweet and friendly Babette - (you can also find Babette and information about NAME National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts here ) at the show. Bless her dear heart, she recognized me from my blogger pic and made me feel so welcome. Thank you Babette! I apologize that I haven't emailed you yet, have just been insanely busy.

I would also like to apologize and smack myself for not taking pictures at the show! To tell the truth I was a bit overwhelmed with trying to see e v e r y l i t t l e t h i n g and my kids were pretty good at first, but eventually became bored and started acting out. I just focused on shopping.

There were some lovely dealers and things to see. I did bring home some miniature treasures.

I've also been working on the farmhouse. I have the porch assembled and attached and have done some more work on the parlor and kitchen. Still need a stove. I decided to go ahead and use the stairs - need to get stair railing and a runner for that. Parlor also needs more papering and carpeting.

Through the parlor window.

Through the kitchen window. Who is that trying to sneak a cookie?

Sorry for the overexposed photos, I tried to fix them but they are really bad...
I've also been making more mini plants, you can find them in my etsy.

Each little leaf is hand painted and sealed.

And last but not least, some warm and fuzzy dreaming...



  1. Hi Daphne, you did great shopping! Glad you've used many items in your farmhouse ... It's beautiful! :D

  2. Hello, Daphne !!:))
    that should be good experience, I have never visited an exhibition of miniatures, yet! : ((
    your plants are adorable!
    I am thrilled! I had missed at first glance, then look closely, I realized my book in your library! ha ha!
    thanks and kisses!

  3. Nice things you bought, and nice that many of them found their place already.
    Miniature greetings

  4. Of course, are mini treasures! and your plants I love it! so real work! And I like very much your farm dollhouse, and all details!! hugs

  5. I love your wee plants, so cute! And your farm house is beautiful! I love the colours you have chosen. It is very cheerful and fresh. Amy.

  6. Your farmhouse looks so inviting. (I like the overexposed pictures)

    I went to my first show last October and was so overwhelmed (and I didn't have my kids with me!) I'm hoping to go again this October and be a little more focused!


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