Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello Dear Friends,
Welcome to all the new followers! I appreciate all of you so very much. Not because it strokes my ego or makes this blog special but because at least 201 individuals from around the world can share in something fun. Friendships are born and a better understanding of different cultures can be gained.

I will be posting a giveaway soon to celebrate the 200 followers milestone...I am toying with an idea, so please bear with me.

Meanwhile, as Autumn approaches, so do my thoughts and whims change with the Seasons.
I very much love Shabby, Romantic and French Styles but so do I have a great love of Country, kitschy, Vintage and Primitive fact, at times I've tried to combine facets of many of those styles... LOL, not very successfully but it's fun to try.
Here are some Country Primitive Cupboards I've been working on (please ignore that shiny, plastic-y looking pumpkin on top of the cupboard! It is most definitely going to get a matte varnish as I didn't realize how shiny it was till I saw the photo):

As I write this, the realization hits that I have actually shared very little of myself on this blog. Perhaps a bit here and there but not much. Perhaps you aren't interested in me, but just in photos, miniatures or tutorials or for whatever reason you visit, please know that you are welcome and valued :)

As for comments, I have been totally remiss in responding to them via the comments blocks. From now on, I will make notes of questions or comments that need replies include them as a post. Hope that made sense. I do read each and every comment and translate them when they are in a language I don't understand.

One question that was recently asked, is how/what do I use to rust and age things.
I use Ink...scrapbooking, stamping ink.
Like this:

I always use a sealer over the top of the ink. I don't know if that is necessary but I do it.


  1. Me gusta muchísimo los dos muebles con los accesorios ( = Y el de la pared me fascina !!!
    Saludos Ü

  2. unos muebles preciosos!!ese color queda muy bonito un beso

  3. I really love your country cabinets! Especially the wall unit!

  4. Your country cupboards are wonderful. Thank you for the idea of the rust and age. Hugs Maria

  5. El envejecimiento de los muebles es ideal, gracias por tus consejos. Un saludo, Eva

  6. behold, this is exactly the kind of style that I love! is meant, I love the way you do shabby chic, but I think that the primitive style is even more beautiful, because it makes everything from air with a "lived" more realistic than the French ... do not be offended, I say so just because these pieces are closer to my mountain cabin .. ha ha!
    very well done, I love antique green!! I love your work, whatever style it is! :))
    for the high-gloss, try rubbing with sandpaper fine, maybe it comes off ...

    your package for the "swap holidays," not here yet .. I tremble from the forward ... I hope it is not finished in the sea!
    kisses! Caterina

  7. Enhorabuena por tantos seguidores. Verdad que es muy emocionante saber que hay gente detan diversas y lejanas procedencias que están pendiente de tu trabajo y tus post.
    Los muebles son preciosos y la alacena me ha enamorado. Besos.

  8. I love your kitchen furnitures, are well done! Congratulations for your 200 followers, don't be surprised that your followers will continue to increase, because your works are so beautiful! kisses

  9. enhorabuena por los seguidores
    tus muebles tienen encanto...

  10. Congrats for the followers!Your blog is Fantastic!I like this style for the cupboards-I love country and primitives!I think is nice use lot of style.
    I'm impatient to see what you have thinked for the Give away!
    Best compliments

  11. I really like the furniture that you are realizable, the objects you used to decorate them are beautiful, especially the chicken inside the box with the pumpkin! Too cute!
    a kiss

  12. Es un gabinete precioso, me gusta mucho
    Un abrazo

  13. Congratulations on reaching your first 200 followers!!! It's no surprise since your work is amazing! Your latest cupboards are really fantastic. =)

  14. Congrats on hitting the big 200 already! As you say, it's fun to have a bunch of likeminded people sharing the fun :)

    Thanks for the tip re the scrapbooking ink.

    Thank goodness for the mini world where we can try out and enjoy lots of different decor styles without having to have a property portfolio to rival Donald Trump.

  15. Congrats on having + 200 followers!

    Your country cupboards are awesome!!

    I think Your works are true works of art and You are an amazing artist (^^)

    Thanks for the scrapbooking ink tip.

    MiniHugs, Irina

  16. muy bonitos, con un toque otoñal fantástico.
    Un saludo y feleiciaddes por los seguidores

  17. Unos trabajos preciosos los que realizas, no me extraña que vayas sumando seguidores, ya veo 205, enhorabuena!!!

  18. I´m in love with your beautiful chairs, cupboards and everything! I admire very much your lovely lovely works... I wish I could some day make something like that...

  19. Hello my name is Cristina, I loved your blog, I became a follower of your blog, the furniture and objects are divine, congratulations. kisses

  20. Preciosos los muebles, el color muy elegante felicidades.besos...Ana (mucuy)


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