Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shabby Miniature Bedroom Remake

Hello Dear Friends,
I've been refinishing some old furniture. What fun! The armoire was originally a very dark brown piece with ugly thick doors. I took those off and added the open doors from a cheap Michael's hutch. I added some mesh to them, painted everything black, sanded and then painted several coats of white, sanded some more and then added some gold stencil cream.
I still need to make rugs and some more soft furnishings and find a night stand. I also need to add some artwork to the walls and a chandelier for the ceiling.

Just a gentle reminder that my giveaway ends tonight, my time, @ midnight.
So far here are the entries. Please, please if you don't see your name here and you have previously contacted me because you couldn't leave a comment, let me know so I can add you!

  1. Eliana
  2. Inês Paiva Raposo
  3. ultsu
  4. Carmen
  5. Plushpussycat
  6. Patty
  7. Maria Ireland
  8. Linda Carswell
  9. anna
  10. Norma
  11. Jennybee
  12. Rosamargarita
  13. Sharon
  14. babette
  15. rudoo
  16. Dark Squirrel Victoria
  17. Susan
  18. Sans!
  19. Britt
  20. carmen
  21. Kleine Vingers
  22. TINK - SONIA
  23. Margriet
  24. Janne
  25. Linda
  26. Pilar
  27. Eva - tatalamaru
  28. maria l.
  29. NarinaNäpertää
  30. M Carmen Casanova
  32. Caroline
  33. PAKY
  34. Mona
  35. No soy Job
  36. Ascension
  37. Terefer
  38. sorty0
  39. SaMiRa73
  40. Katakliptiko
  41. Contrastes-Rosa Mª
  42. Marian
  43. LavenderDilly
  44. Heather
  45. Iris
  46. CrisColás
  47. Sassy Marsha
  48. Ingrid
  49. linsminis
  50. malu2
  51. Pity
  52. Flor
  53. Patrizia
  54. micia
  55. miniaturista
  56. Ana
  57. Drora's minimundo
  58. El bichillo
  59. Fabiola
  60. Yayin
  61. by Sonya
  62. b_e_i_s_
  63. MALUGA
  64. Teruka
  65. Meapuntoatodo
  66. Rosella
  67. MAIJA
  68. Roelie
  69. Susi
  70. Craftland
  71. Post
  72. MelyMel
  73. Margot Ensink
  74. Marta
  75. Rosa-kreattiva
  76. Marver
  77. Virginia Isabel
  78. Ana
  79. otterine
  80. auzilio
  81. riekie
  82. monique
  83. Phred
  84. Arantxa
  85. Lilith
  86. Minteriors
  87. mcddiss
  88. Maru
  89. sylvia
  90. Carolyn
  91. Mari@
  92. Margaret
  93. amy fletcher
  94. Marja
  95. Loly Rodriguez
  96. OLESHA
  97. Eva
  98. Dees
  99. Blanca
  100. rocinash
  101. Chris P's Minis and More
  102. Daydreamer
  103. Estefanía
I will print the names along with the corresponding numbers and have my daughter draw from a hat in the morning :D
Good luck!


  1. OMG! I'm in love with the re-do!!! I simply adore the hutch, and the roses at the foot of the bed are beautiful! =) It's a very beautiful room!

  2. Wow, you´ve created such a beautiful athmosphere in this room! Also love the roses! Sandra xxx

  3. I love your bedroom. The colors and the details are beautiful.

  4. What wounderful work!The photos you have made are fantastic!It looks real!I love the first photo about the tea-cup!Very chic!
    ps:I'm in the list!I cross all my fingers.

  5. Me gusta muchísimo el trabajo que has hecho, el armario te ha quedado precioso, todos los detalles muy bonitos.Besos de las Malu´s.

  6. Is a great work, I love it! the bedroom details and furnitures are wonderful!! hugs

  7. Hi Daphne, lovely bedroom,love the work! Miniregards,Sonia.

  8. un trabajo maravillosos y las fotos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! de revista!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A very nice room, full of elegant details and very very romantic ... who would not want to live?

  10. The makeover is gorgeous, the armoir especially looks fabulous, how lucky that the Michael's hutch doors fitted.

  11. Una habitación muy romántica, te está quedando envidiable. Un saludo, Eva

  12. Hola! he encontrado tu blog y estoy feliz por eso!

    Tus trabajos son una maravilla!
    yo amo lo shabby chic y el french style :)

    Espero me visites ;)

    Un abrazo desde Chile, Sudamérica :)


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