Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dreaming of French Dollhouses

Hello Dear Readers!
This is our new friend :) Well, actually two new friends, this little fellow has a brother that looks very much like him. They are both very sweet but have different personalities. We need to name them. Name suggestions??
We took them both so one wouldn't end up in the pound.

I've been working on the Vermont Farmhouse... Still a work in progress. I've been playing with the French Brocante look but it really doesn't suit this house. I love this style though and will eventually have to build my dream house. I will probably change most of this out but for now, I am having fun!

I made another little chair and received my lovely desk and side table from Minis De Eva. Thank you! I love them.
The little book was made by Cockerina, it is so lovely!

I also made this little sofa a la Christine Lea Frisoni's pattern and instructions. I am going to try one in wood with sculpted legs and arm rests.

The outside of the house is farther along than this but I didn't get pictures of it yet. The windows and door are installed and the gable is finished. I think I am going to leave out the stairs and plug up the hole in the second floor - only because I want the extra space! Maybe not, haven't decided yet.

The swap gift for Cockerina's Swap is finished. I hope she likes it! It's so hard not to post photos until the appointed time ;)


  1. Hi Daphne! Love your house. I have a fancy for a Brocante as well. Had always liked the idea of a shop and thought stuffing it full of all the bits n bobs I've collected over the years. Anything could be put in it and I have lots of 'anythings'. Your feline friend is gorgeous. In that pose the name Faberge came to mind. I can almost see the monocle! Carrie

  2. The cat is so beautiful, I like "blacky" name. Your dollhouse is so beautiful, I think that you decide it will be well done. I'm so nervious for caterina's swap, but I don't receive my gifts yet until august. Hugs

  3. Hi! We have the Victoria Farmhouse, too... It's what we call Cora's House. It is a fun build:) I can see leaving out the stairs... mine are a paint to work around:) I also turned the the front part of the master bedroom into a sitting room, and a bathroom... Hopefully I'll have pictures up of it someday soon. It's a work in progress:)

    Your kitty is sooo cute- Love the markings on him:) So smart to take him and his brother:) I bet they're very greatful! Once you get to know them... You'll figure out great names:)


  4. The new forniture are beautiful, so sweet cat!!! Miniregards.

  5. Your house is beautiful. Love the furniture The desk is wonderful. Your cat is a treasure he looks so proud to be there how good of you to take the two. Hugs Maria

  6. I just love "visiting" and seeing all that is new. Lovely.

    Your little kitty is so very serious looking. First thing that popped into my head was the name "SAGE"...a wise one. His brother might be "SYLVESTER." That is a more dignified sounding name. LOL

    I have named my cats according their personalities. They, too, are very different creatures. One is afraid of everything, so I called him "Baby." The other is a very affectionate, in-your-face kind of a guy who is always ASKING for pats and attention. I called him "Lovie Dovie," Lovie for short.

    Like people, animals have their own personalities! They are fascinating.

  7. Your new kitties are so precious! Thank you for saving them from the pound! :-)

  8. Che bel musetto ha questo gattino!! Non sò perchè ma se fosse mio lo chiamerei Augusto...magari perchè qui è piena estate ed il mese di agosto è ormai alle porte,ma appena l'ho visto ho detto tra me e me: "ciao Augusto"...comunque complimenti per la doppia adozione!!
    La tua casa è bellissima,mi piace la poltrona e lo scrittoio,ma in realtà mi piace tutto!!
    Un bacio

  9. Hi Daphne! I am a new follower of your blog! I LOVE your new cat..s ! Maybe they could be called Pied and Piper.
    I am enjoying reading your tutorials and can see how your liking for the Brocante style wants a more elegant house..... Isn't it amazing that we always need ANOTHER house?
    Thanks for following my blog!

  10. Hi Daphne you have a lovely blog beautiful houses and gorgeous kittens im so pleased you are kind enough to take the two and not leave the other lonely your such a seet person and im sure they know it too....
    hugs Rachel

  11. Oh my Daphne, your French look is gorgeous, love the chair and sofa you've made and that desk is gorgeous. All in all it makes me want to move right in!

  12. Everything is gorgeous! I don't know where I look because I love everything! Congrats!


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