Monday, July 25, 2011

He Fought the Wall and the Wall Won

Why is it that males hit things with their fists? SIGH...poor kid, got mad and hit the wall...
He broke his carpel right before the knuckle on the pinky finger. Doctor says it is VERY common injury and in his 15 years of experience only two of those numerous cases were women ;)

He jokingly commented that women have better impulse control. ROFL...he has obviously never been shopping for minis with a passionate female miniature collector ;)

They even have a bit of a nick name for this particular injury - Boxer's Fracture

Out of my five children, this is the one I've had to take to the emergency room, three times so far. The others, thank God, are fairly cautious. He's a sweet boy and I love him but he's the one that is accident prone.

I have a tutorial coming for you as soon as I can get some photos. A very simple bird cage and a basket. I think they utilize some unique materials and I hope you like them and find them useful.
Will try to post them later this afternoon.


  1. Mi dispiace tanto per tuo figlio,sono cose che possono capitare,è anche così che crescono i bambini.
    Un bacio

  2. I hope your son gets better soon.
    * I'm dying to see the tutorial *
    Best wishes

  3. My youngest recently did the same thing... And has almost excatly the same cast... But his is green. BOYS!

    Love the birdcage! Smart idea:)

  4. Thank-you for asking... He's doing good. They're with my parents for the week... Mom took them to a pool party Sunday... And as my oldest put it.. She had my youngest in an umbrella bag from the grocery store, duck tape up to his armpit and then had his arm in floaties,, so he'd keep it above the water... Poor kid, but I had to laugh! They'd do anything to swim.... lol

  5. Hi Daphne! Sorry for your little boy! I have got his female pendant here. My little girl (3 next month) got the hot iron on her foot when she stumbled over the cable, the doctor also found out that she´s got a virus and the week before she sprayed some hair-styling product into her mouth... wasn´t able to find her water gun, so she got looking for something different...Always good for a "surprise", aren´t they!!?


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