Saturday, July 2, 2011

Of Husbands and Mid Life Crises..Oh and Some Minis

Happy Weekend!
HAHA! As I write this, my husband has cranked up the Ramones on the stereo. I really think he is having a mid life crisis. He just bought a Karmann Ghia. Anyone want to give me advice on a middle aged husband? Feel free to email me or leave comments with tips on taking advantage of his condition, please ;)

WOW! 21 followers! I'd better get to work on the giveaway prize! A big WELCOME and Thank you for sharing my little world with me.

I have something special in store for you in the coming weeks. Nana will be making her debut along with some narrative and a bit of mystery. (aggh, hopefully, I dunno if I'm so good at writing mystery but I will try to make it fun.) The idea for the mystery/humor just hit me a little while ago. My husband was...ahem again, being childlike and setting off firecrackers...ladyfingers....and BOOM, the idea hit.

Enough we go...
Paper Jug and French Can Spam...sorry. ;) I just love them.
I would love to know who came up with the idea. I saw them in a Japanese craft book and thought maybe that was where they originated? Anyone know?

I also attempted a paper pot, it needs lots of work. I might try them in clay instead.

The two little cake stands are cast in resin. I need practice and patience with that as well. LOL, I couldn't wait and took them out of the molds a little too soon. One thing about that though, the resin was still soft and malleable so one could shape it if desired. They do look like milk glass. I put the roses on the plates and the labels on the canisters a la Carolyn of Carolyn's Little Kitchen Thank you Carolyn!

Well, that's it for today, I must go entertain the children...even the big one.


  1. I think it was Marlie who made the jugs. Check out her beautiful blog. She also has printies, lots of them (!) that you might like.

  2. Daphne 26 followers and more....your creations are so specials and I love them!!! Miniregards,Sonia.

  3. Good luck figuring out that hubby of yours - they're every bit as mysterious in their own way as we women are supposed to be :)

    I love all of these little projects. And just adore your aging of the wallpaper, etc in your rooms.

  4. Thank you , Daphne for the link to Carolyn's kitchen. Great tutorial!

  5. Love your creations. I'm happy to have found a new lovely blog!

    Husbands are so hard to understand. But boy did I want a Kharmann Ghia like crazy when I was younger. Wouldn't mind one now. Maybe I'm going through a midlife crisis too!

  6. Очень уютная кухня. Столько мелочей, все такое необычайно красивое и интересное... Можно часами сидеть и рассматривать каждую вашу работу.


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