Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Brownie in the Kitchen...

Hello Friends.
Welcome to my new followers! I can't believe there are over 30 of you already. Thank you thank you! As promised, I will be posting a giveaway this evening. I have to get busy on the prize. I had NO idea I reach 25 followers this soon so please, bear with me.

Meanwhile, I have been busy busy...and look what I found in Nana's kitchen! A house Brownie! I suppose she showed up because I've left so many things unfinished ;)

She has been created from polymer clay. I hope to improve my sculpting skills. :)


  1. She is just FABULOUS! I don't see any need for improvement!!

    Did you get my email? If not please take a look in your junk mail folder, it might be there. I'd like to give your blog a 'shout out' on mine and am seeking permission to use a few of your photos to do that :) I'd love to hear from you - please email me at normabennett@hotmail.com

  2. Just heavenly! Just surfed over here via another blog - just beautiful.

  3. Daphne.. she realy likes a Brownie... is sweet, delightful and lovely ... Congratulations! Mariajo

  4. Olá Daphne! Eu não conhecia o seu blog. Adoro os seus trabalhos. São lindos!
    Estou desejosa de ver mais.
    Já tem mais uma seguidora e admiradora!
    Convido-a a visitar o meu blog www.liliputhings.blogspot.com
    Espero que goste.

  5. Hi Daphne, I just found your blog. It was recommended by Norma of 'make mine mini'. I am very satisfied because it is beautiful. You are very talented!

  6. She's adorable Daphne! Wish I'd found you a little earlier in my day. I think I'll have to come back tomorrow to browse through your posts and pictures. Judith x

  7. Yo creo que te ha quedado perfecta, se ven tan dulce y a la vez tan picara!!!
    Has hecho un trabajo maravilloso.
    besitos ascension

  8. She is just great, i could see her in so many settings at my house (wink). But really she is really cute!!! I wish mine turned out like her.

  9. I found you on Norma's blog. That little brownie is so darling! I love her posture. You did a wonderful job with her.

  10. Stunning! You have captured her essence beautifully. What a precious little one. It makes me want to just give her a hug. So cute!!!

  11. Love the Brownie in the kitchen

  12. This brownie is the most beautiful in the world. I 'has' a envy!
    You have great sculpting skills, Congrats!


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