Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bed Linens

Greetings Friends,
It's a beautiful day!

I finished up the bed last night. Thank you all for your comments and advice. I agree that with the linens on the bed, the edges are softened making the bed look less clunky. I did like the idea of using the foot board as the head board but after repairing and painting the whole thing once already, I didn't want to tear it all apart again :)

The bed linens were made from a Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic valance that I got on clearance at Target...I've used the fabric from that for so many projects. It has beautiful embroidery on it and is a very fine, lightweight cotton.

The 'painting' above the bed is another Hobby Lobby find. They are putting out their Christmas items and this was among them. It started as a small metal plaque in a dark mossy green. I painted it and distressed it and then added some translucent stickers and topped it with some gloss.

The two little white pillows are made just like real pillows with cases and filled with fine glass beads so they will 'scrunch' naturally. The roses pillow was kind of a cheater pillow, I just made the pillow case and then filled and stitched closed. I want to add some smaller square pillows and a bolster.


  1. The linens are wonderful, dressing the bed has given it a new and even more charming character. How amazing that you've used a real bed valance for the fabric, I'm going to peruse the on sale bed linens more closely from now on!

    Using fine glass beads in the pillows is a good idea. I've been using a mix of soft fill used in real size cushions (for 'plumpness') and balast sand sold for miniature railways for weight at the bottom. The problem is that the sand is black and in a fine cotton lawn it can make it look a bit grey unless there's more than one layer of the fabric. Using the fine beads instead would elimiate that problem. (I couldn't find the balast sand one time and I was in a hurry so I substituted some of the mini coal I had on hand, it looked ok but I'm sure glad I didn't have to sit on the pillow!)

  2. Hi Daphne! Somehow I wasn´t able to leave comment to your previous post but I´m really glad you left your amazing bed in one piece! Now with the bedding it just looks georgous!
    And I´m surely not the only one who wants to see the rest of your house!!!

  3. It's all so beautiful!!! I have the same house, but being new to minis I was afraid of experimenting with the floor. I didn't want to ruin it, so I just left it natural with a little sanding and sealing. =/ I want to do french inspired/ shabby style, but I need to electrify first. No $$$ for that now, so it might be a Your house is just precious and I can't wait to see more!!! =)

  4. Ah, it's beautiful.........
    Lovely mix of fabrics, so pretty I want to sink into it and dream.

  5. A cama ficou linda! Parabéns!

  6. wonderful!! i like them!!

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    if the translator is malfunctioning, please try to read the chain of names, in Italian, thanks!
    kisses and have fun!

  7. The bed is fantastic! I loved how you used the bed linens... The scene is beautiful!

  8. Hermosa la habitacion muy calida y romantica.
    Saludos. Beatriz

  9. Beautiful bed! You've dressed very nice, warm, romantic and very real. Congratulations

  10. beautiful bed! I have used Kosher salt to stuff my pillows for years :)


  11. Beautiful! The bed looks fantastic! If you ever have a chance, I would love to learn how you distressed the bed (tutorial, please!). I'd also still love to know what fabric you used for the curtains. I love the gauzy look!


  13. AhA, let's see if this works!
    I haven't been able to comment and thank everyone for their wonderful and kind comments!
    THANK YOU so much :)

    The curtains were made from cheesecloth that I sprayed with stiffening stuff and then hung to dry and shaped them as they dried.
    To distress the bed, I used cheap spray enamel from the dollar store to prime them over the old dark varnish. I then painted acrylic over the spray primer and then when that was dry, I used my Exacto blade to scrape away to simulate worn spots. Seal it once you're finished.
    If your furniture is 'naked' or unpainted to start, just paint a coat of a dark color or even black and then proceed with the spray and then acrylic then sealer.

  14. What a beautiful bed! I want to come for a visit! :D

  15. Both the bed and linens looks fantastic! A great idea with the beads in the pillows.


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