Sunday, June 26, 2011

So, Hello! Diving back into the blog world...

It's been a long time. Hello.
I've closed all my other blogs and have decided to blog about miniatures and creating them. It's been a passion of mine from a very young age.

What is it about tiny things that intrigues and fascinates?
Why am I happiest when creating a tiny representation of real life?
Why "Court of Gypsies"? The Gypsies are my beloved dolls. This is their realm. ;)

So, here is the first of hopefully many happy postings :)

Welcome to Nana's Cottage.

I spent the weekend working on "Nana's Kitchen", the 1920's domain of a lively, lovely, little old woman who was "Shabby" when shabby wasn't cool. Her domicile is nestled in a rural valley; amongst many lovely old trees and a tinkling little brook.
She spends most of her time either in the garden or bustling about her tiny kitchen. Occasionally she will pull out her old Singer (okay, ahem, yes, I need to check some dates on sewing machines but for the sake of imagination, let us continue) ;)
... As I was saying, Nana, drags out her trusty machine for mending and the occasional fancy dress for Church.


  1. Absolutely wonderful! I love your work and your photographs!!

  2. I love all the little details in your kitchen. Beautiful work. :)

  3. Hello Teresa, Julie and Maria! Thank you so very much for visiting and for your lovely comments :)
    I am lonely for 'mini' companionship and you are very welcome here :)

  4. Que gusto encontrar tu blog Daphne ( = Y muchas suerte !! seguro tendrás mucho éxito, por que lo que haces es precioso!!!!
    ¡Me encanta la cocina!!!!

  5. I hope you will never stop telling your stories. :) I am sure I will be regularly appearing here with every post :)


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