Monday, June 27, 2011

Errands This Morning but Miniature Work Later and a Giveaway Announcement

I have a couple of errands to run this morning (ahem, if I can get out of the house before the morning is over! Must stop reading blogs!)
I want to pick up a few things while I am out...some of them being ingredients for Cold Porcelain.
I would like to try my hand at sculpting some tiny dishes. I'm also going to try to pour some resin pieces but that might be better attempted on another's very damp and rainy here at the moment...

A big thank you and WELCOME to my first followers:
Julia, Maria, Debbie, Teresa and -P-

*~A GIVEAWAY will be posted once we hit 25 followers!~* I can't wait, how fun!

Meanwhile, here is some eye candy for you :) These photos are of a kitchen roombox I made for my 1:6 scale dolls. Most of the pieces here are Re Ment but some are little bits of this and that that I have picked up.


  1. che meraviglia le tue creazioni ti ho conosciuta per caso e ne sono felice ciao rosa.kreattiva
    blog creative:

  2. Hi Daphne,I'm so happy to visit my blog and join to the giveaway,your minis are amazing and I a happy new follower of your work,mini regards from Spain,Sonia.

  3. Beautiful! I love all miniature things which are made in an country style ^^

  4. I love that window display. I thought it was real from the first picture (lol its not is it ? ). I love the herb.I believe I will be visiting your blog often. :)Greetings Maria


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